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Thousands of people around the world have been using cannabis for so many reasons. Some may smoke it because they just love the feeling of being high while others would use it for medicinal purposes. Whatever the reason is, cannabis

Testosterone production increases in puberty and starts to decrease at the age of 30. Each year its levels dip about 1% and already at the age of 60 half of men have low testosterone levels. Since it affects many body

Good health is required for a better lifestyle and for good health, good nutrition is necessary. Good health means both body, as well as the mind, is functioning properly. Today’s, most of the peoples are suffering from many problems due

The healing from breast augmentation or Mamoplastia Surgery was a fairly unpleasant experience, but it need to be. A space for the implant needs to be developed behind the major, and also a portion of the muscle origin has to

Drinking adequate water is essential for the normal functioning of the body, but not all water is good for your body. Drinking water with harmful impurities can just be as harmful as not drinking adequate water in the long run.

There are many people who are taking up bodybuilding as a career and would like to make thr best out of it. Some of them have nature’s gift of a good muscular body and all they have to do is